Drive 400% More Conversions Using Chatbot Marketing

Snaps platform powers conversions, automates customer service & helps brands get 83% open rates

AI marketing automation

Build A Chatbot

Chatbot Authoring Tools to make developing and implementing your strategy easier. Our platform allows you to build your own custom chatbot in just minutes, without the aid of a developer.
Once you’ve built your AI chatbot, you can launch it on a wide range of platforms including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Alexa, Siri, and Viber.

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging breakthrough machine learning and natural language technologies like Wit.AI and IBM Watson, you can always make the conversational feel more human.

Real Time Analytics & Insights

Thanks to real-time analytics, you can monitor how successful your chatbot marketing strategy is and implement changes quickly and efficiently.

Cart Abandonment Tools

Chatbot marketing helps you grab the attention of customers, move them through the funnel, and drive commerce. A customer who is nearly finished making a purchase might abandon their shopping cart at any time. With the proprietary Snaps tracking pixel that can be implemented using our enterprise chatbot platform, you can remind customers that their transactions aren’t complete in a conversational, personalized manner.

Never Make Your Customers Wait On Hold

The days of 1-800 numbers are over. Our platform can answer the FAQ’s of your most demanding customer, while integrating with your Zendesk, Sprinklr or other support systems behind-the-scenes when necessary.

Optimize Chatbot Users

You need the information and tools at your disposal for optimizing your personalized marketing campaign. Our platform allows for A/B testing, so you can compare two chatbot marketing approaches and determine which is more likely to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and improve the overall customer experience.

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