Always On, Intelligent Customer Service

Lower Customer Service Costs, Drive Conversions & Delight Consumers With An Automated Customer Service Chatbot

Service That Never Sleeps

AI-powered chat means never having to turn off. Your customers will receive immediate responses to their most frequently asked questions and most resolvable issues. 81% of inbound requests can typically be answered through automation.

Save Cost On Redundant Questions

Deflect tickets and lower customer care costs by more than 20%. Snaps off-the-shelf solution accurately answers 65-80% of all commonly asked questions.

Live Everywhere Your Customers Are

Messaging applications like iMessage and Facebook Messenger are the fastest growing service channel. Automating service allows for brands to respond on every channel in a consistent way.

Get Smarter Over Time With AI

Like people, AI-powered experiences learn from their successes and failures. Train your service with call logs, FAQ databases, product catalogs and customer interactions. Snaps integrates with IBM Watson and other breakthrough AI frameworks to understand your customers despite their misspellings, synonyms and (sometimes) rude ways of asking questions.

Hybrid Approach For Human Touch

For complex questions that require a personal touch, seamlessly hand off sessions to your care team on their preferred tool. Snaps supports Sprinklr, Zendesk and other major call center chat tools.

Deliver Personalization At Scale

Snaps integrates with CRM like Salesforce, Commerce clouds and other first party tools. You can also help your customers find the perfect size with our TrueFit integration or find store hours with Yext.

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